Why you should let me help you...


We will work on what you want, your dreams, and intentions for your life.


This experience will electrify your inner operating system, connecting with a deeper energy.


I will help you finding new possibilities and change for the life you want to live.

Flexible Programs

You can choose how you want to work, choosing from flexible programs.

You have to be 100% coachable and committed to the life you want to create.
If this sounds exciting to you, let’s explore the possibility of working together.

What is mBraining?

The last 10 years Neuroscience has discovered that we have complex and functional brains (neural networks) in both our heart and gut and when those working in alignment with our third brain (head) then we can easily achieve deeper levels of success, happiness, wisdom and self-awareness in our life.

mBIT (multiple Brain Integration Techniques) have been developed using methodologies from fields such as NLP, Positive Psychology, Cognitive Linguistics, Mediation modalities, Yoga, Kinesiology and others various mind-body disciplines.

Grant Soosalu and Marvin Oka that developed mBraining brought science to traditional wisdom, and utilize behavioural modelling informed by the latest advantages in neuroscience.

How we use our multiple brains to communicate and operate with each other is vital for congruence, highest expression of ourselves, success and happiness.

Through mBIT alignment and integration of the 3 brains (Head, Heart, Gut) is achieved ensuring a positive outcome on:

  • Health and well being
  • Decision making
  • Goals setting
  • Problem solving
  • Relationships
  • Cultivating understanding and perspective
  • Motivation and action taking
  • Harnessing your intuition

Ultimately mBIT is giving the possibility to align your thoughts with your feelings and actions in order to experience your life from your highest wisdom.

Ultimately you have to let go...

…in order for the caterpillar to become a butterfly.

To live a fulfilling life with passion and joy, you have to drop the old ideas of yourself and readjust your perceptions of who you want to be.

George is here to help you discover your true potential.

He loves transforming people’s lives and helping them change to create, to become what they want, and ultimately to live the life they have always imagined.


multiple Brain Integration Techniques